30th March 2024 – Horsemanship Clinic


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“Learn to talk to horses in a language they understand”

Shady has a gift…
…he understands the way horses communicate and what they need from a human. He uses this knowledge to train horses and solve problems. The is what he means by ‘natural horsemanship’. Shady’s dream is to help humans have a better understanding of horses. For anyone to have a successful relationship, they need will, faith, knowledge, and also understanding, patience and feeling. Shady believes that if someone has the first two qualities (will and faith) he can teach them the others.

Over the years, Shady has gained experience with many different horses, and most had some sort of problem that needed fixing. Shady learned that most horses become problem horses because of problem people. Humans don’t always understand how their actions, body language, and behaviour impacts the horse and its reactions. For this reason Shady works with both the horse and the human: it is only by working in cooperation with each other that the problem can be solved.
Shady can help you with:
• Leading • Rearing • Spooking • Napping
• Bucking • No ‘slow’ • No ‘go’ • Bolting
• Loading • Vet • Farrier • Tacking up
• Clipping • Mounting • Headshaking
…and more
Shady can improve your:
• Dressage • Jumping • Hacking
…and more

Clinic days are a great way to learn some of Shady Horsemanship’s methods, and how you can use them to help with problem-solving for your own horse. The clinic welcomes any level of rider from any discipline. Clinic days will start with groundwork and finish with riding where appropriate.

One to one clinic are for a Private session with Shady. Can be good for solving behaviour or reaching any other groundwork or riding goals. The problems can be on the ground or riding.
Group clinic 3-5 people, the session is hour and half can be general horsemanship groundwork or riding. Riders must be able to have good control over their horses for this session,
3 hours group clinic  
Hour and half groundwork, take a break and results for hour and half riding – it’s all about practicing horsemanship exercises on the ground and learning to do them on the saddle afterwards. Riders must be able to have good control over their horses for this session


121 (60 min), Group (90 mins), Group (3 hrs)